Thor Barddal studied fine arts at The Icelandic College of Arts and Crafts and later sculpture at the State Academy of Art and Design in Stuttgart, Germany. Thor has lived and worked in the USA, Portugal and Germany as well as in his native Iceland. He has held many private and collective exhibitions and has from the beginning had the aim to inspire people to allow their own spiritual realization to emerge through his sculptures.




1984 Gegenbach, Germany

1985  Sussen, Germany

1987  Lufkin, Texas, USA

1988  Seltjörn, Grindavik, Iceland

1989  Gallery Sævar Karl, Reykjavik, Iceland

1990  Gallery Stöðlakot, Reykjavik, Iceland

1990  Lanning Gallery, Houston, Texas, USA

1991  Westheimer Studio, Texas, USA

1992  Lanning Gallery, Houston, Texas, USA

1992  Kjarvalsstaðir, Reykjavaik, Iceland

1993  Gallery List, Reykjavik, Iceland

1994  Galeria Espiral, Oeiras, Portugal

2014  Harpa, Reykjavik, Iceland




1988  Monument in memorial of Óli Barddal, Reykjavik Harbour, Iceland

1988  Award from the Ministry of Education, Iceland

1991  Monument in memorial of the poet Gestur Pálsson, Reykhólar, Iceland

1992  Monument at the Hamrahlíð College, Reykjavik, Iceland

1994  Monument in memorial of the Reverend Björn Halldórsson